Israwati Akib


Food is the most important basic human need, and of course in its fulfillment is part of

the basic rights of every Indonesian people. As a country with the largest Muslim population

in Indonesia, halalism is an important indicator to be presented, especially in food products.

This is what causes the importance of a food to have a halal certificate. A Muslim is not justified

to consume food / drink before knowing halal. The purpose of this research is to find out the

authority of the MUI as an authorized institution in halal labeling and how the supervision of

halal labeling products is carried out by the government and the community as a party that

plays an important role in conducting supervision of a product in circulation. MUI issued a

fatwa in terms of halal and forbiddenness of a product circulating in the community. The results

of this study indicate that MUI as an institution authorized to set halal and haram on a product,

monopolize its authority, besides that the supervision is still very low carried out by the

government and the community as a party that plays a role in supervising products and goods

that are circulating in the community, so that JPH Law No.33 of 2014, cannot guarantee the

protection of consumers.

Keywords: Consumer Protection; Halal Labeling; MUI.


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